Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who will be the EU's "Romans"?

Judging by some of the arguments being used around the EU27 and the Euro17 today the EU could wind up with city-states or 500,000,000 states of one!

While the best interest of the 500,000,000 imo is ONE country of 500,000,000. (1/14th of world population) able to stand tall next to China (1,300,000,000), India (1,200,000,000) and USA (310,000,000).

Or maybe Europe has "too much" history while not enough wisdom to survive as anything and soon may be taken over (become economic or other subsidiary or cantons) by others! 

Ancient Greece did not have the wisdom to unite into a political union. And paid the price. Does Europe have to wisdom to avoid same price?

Ancient Athens was acting like a primadona (in the Delos Alliance, Sparta left early). Then Sparta beat Athens and acted like an even bigger primadona-bully to the other Greek city-states. Then Thebes eliminated Sparta as a power. Then Macedonia took the lead (reminds one of the EU, with Germany, UK, France playing corresponding parts).

Then came the Romans and engulfed all Greek city states under the Roman Empire. Then others. Greece became a country 180 years ago. So: Who will be the EU's "Romans"? The Russians? China? America? All three? Someone else?

Oh Europe, wake up and see what is going on in the world!

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