Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Greece won't borrow again #pledge

Their Greece did:

Andreas Papandreou
Konstantine Mitsotakis
Konstantine Simitis
Kostas Karamanlis

Their Greece was occupied:

George Papandreou
Lucas Papademos
Antonis Samaras and Ev. Venizelos

Nick Panayotopoulos

User evaluation: Skype and why an MIT man will rule your globe

Resetting the password for euronick09.

So far, 2/5.

Skype you need to review this process.

People, too much technology is actually bad for you, companies and goverments.

What you need is more industry and more real jobs.

"Maria" a migrant in your Greece, EU and world

She is a carer in Occupied Greece.

She first arrived to Schengen via Germany in 2002.

She woke up again at 04:00 CET and she's not back to her son yet, at 18:19 CET.

She used to make 1000 cash for a full shift in 2007 Greece and now her employer pays her 400 cash for part time.

She also works on Sundays as a cleaner near the US Embassy.

Reporting from Greece for npthinking,
Nick Panayotopoulos 

Shahid Kahn

Shahid Khan (69) was born in 1950 in Lahore, Pakistan.

He comes from a middle-class family who were involved in the construction industry. His mother (now retired) was a professor of mathematics.

He went to study in the United States in 1967.

He spent his first night in a $2/night room at the University Y-YMCA, and his first job was washing dishes for $1.20 an hour.

He got a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

He had joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at UICC.

Khan became a US citizen in 1991, 24 years later.

He is a Muslim.

Open Letter to Shahid Kahn: Come invest in Athens and Greece

To Shadid Khan

President of the Jacksonville Jaguars 
President, the National Football League
United States

Athens, April 26, 2018

Dear Shahid,

Congrats re the bid for Wembley. Also best of luck to your Cougars and your Lilywhites.

I'm writing to encourage you to come for your 2018 vacations in Athens and Greece. 

Please bring your teams and the NFL to Athens as well.

At your disposal at

With kind regards,
Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD MBA '90
Zeta Psi
Attaleias 2, Athens, Greece

US Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey R. Pyatt
Steven Bitner, Economic Officer of the Athens US Embassy

Buy a Kosti Palama 5 flat near Grava across the street from the National Labour Institute and a great gym

It's near Grava, where Modern Greek History was written when Alexis and his mates occupied it.

See the Google Street view:

So is the Kyklos my grandma Sophia, mother of Haroula Makris, used to go to. One day I asked her:

"Gradma, why are going there? Do you believe in life after the death?"

"No Nick, she said, but hedging my bets"

That's how cool Sophia Makris, from Argos, was.

Price: 15,000 
Antikeimeniki (2013 ENFIA): 19,404

Make: 1968
Size: 20 m2
Floor: 3rd

One main room overlooking the backyard, one small kitchen, I small bathroom with a small bathtab. I wish my aunt had let me stay in it when back in 2012. But she was afraid of bureaucracy and had stopped renting it.

I've tried to find out who the bulding manager is but the company that sends the fees says it doesn't know! LMAO 

Anyway, I have the flat's keys of course (and the deeds).

Contact me immediately at to have a rep of yours see the flat. 

I visited the NLI (EIE) as a rep of Christos Protopapas when the late Oxfordian Yannis Tsamourgellis was President.

I was working on the Regional Development Plans concept for Protopapas and Yannis and his adviser opted to use them to try out the Newcastle model in areas of Greece. I almost quit the Ministry cos I hated that idea.

So know you know why I joined SYRIZA  at the Patissia OM.

Studies abroad

Why study abroad? 

Where to study?

What to study?

What kind job to get?

Stay tuned,

The follie of the tourist and summer season is starting

Συναγερμός στο αεροδρόμιο Ηρακλείου 

Αεροπλάνο ζήτησε να κάνει αναγκαστική προσγείωση Συναγερμός έχει σημάνει στο αεροδρόμιο Ηρακλείου.

Ο πιλότος αεροσκάφους έστειλε σήμα ότι αντιμετωπίζει πρόβλημα και ότι θα πρέπει να προσγειωθεί εκτάκτως.

Σε ετοιμότητα ήταν τα πυροσβεστικά οχήματα του αεροδρομίου, του 1ου καθώς και του 4ου πυροσβεστικού σταθμού αλλά και της 3ης ΕΜΑΚ.

Heraklion of Crete of course. Fraport managed now, right?


Προς την συντρόφισσα Έφη Αχτσιόγλου και τους άλλους εργατολόγους: Οι δουλέμποροι εργασίας έχουν πάλι έδρα το Λονδίνο

Hello Nick,

Hope you are doing fine today.

We would like to know if you are interested in applying for any job opening which we have received from our clients in your country or any international country as per your current designation and experience mentioned in the Job Portal.

These positions are based in Europe, UK, USA & Middle-East countries. To know more about them or to apply for these positions, also for the further Interview rounds kindly send your updated CV to me at

Also do not forget to fill below mentioned details with appropriate time to call you (Monday to Friday - 7am to 2pm, London Time) so that we can get your requirements and start with application process.

Current Profile: Jobseeker

Total work experience: 1984-2018

Desired Specific Job Titles: Any in any country

Target Job Industry: Any in any country

Current Salary: None, not eligible for unemployment benefits like the UK's in Greece

Expected Salary, incl currency: Any 

Location Preferred: Any in Athens, Greece, the EU27, India, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia, the Americas

Skype Name: euronick09 

How soon you can join the company: Immediately

Please attach your Updated CV

Nicholaos (Nikos/Nick/Nicholas) Panayotopoulos

Speaks English (US/UK), French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Irish and Georgian. Basic pay OK.

BSc, MIT; MSc, Northwestern; MBA, INSEAD

Education and Career path:

2016-2017 Dropbox International Business Support (7th in October, 24th in November)
2012-2016 Vagabonding (EU, Turkey, Georgia)
2005-2012 Troas Makris carer
1991-2006 Business Consultant
1998-1999 Rothmans (Public Affairs)
1990-1990 INSEAD, MBA
1988-1988 Business Consultant
1987-1988 Hellenic Navy IT
1985-1987 Northwestern University, MSc
1985-1985 Olympic Airways (summer job)
1982-1985 MIT, BSc
1981-1982 Lafayette College, Freshman
1971-1981 Athens College
1979-1979 Lycee Carnot
1974-1974 Northbourne Park School
1966-1971 Tychopoulos School

Contact number for Interview rounds: 0030-6996926825  (Q) Cellpphone stolen in downtown Athens 3 weeks ago.

Current Employment Status: Jobseeker and liquidator of real estate in Greece

Only serious applications will be entertained.

NOTE: Interested Candidates should hold a valid passport.

Greece/EU Passport (expires 2020)


Zoe D......
HR Manager

Email              :
UK Phone       :   + 44 0113 328 1283
Website          :

Only Greece

Esena Mono (Only You)
Song by Keti Garbi

Incredible comments by the New Democracy spokesperson re migrants vs refugees

«Ευθύνες και μάλιστα βαρύτατες, αναλογούν και στις πλάτες της κυβέρνησης ΣΥΡΙΖΑΝΕΛ. Με παιδαριώδεις ιδεοληψίες, που ξεκινούν από το αμίμητο “λιάσιμο των μεταναστών στην Ομόνοια” και καταλήγουν ότι “η θάλασσα δεν έχει σύνορα”, που δυστυχώς ειπώθηκε από τα χείλη του πρωθυπουργού, σαλπίστηκε γενικό προσκλητήριο. Δόθηκε το σύνθημα ότι από εδώ μπορούν να περάσουν όλοι για να πάνε στη γη της επαγγελίας. Και κατέληξε η Ελλάδα να γίνει τόπος με πολλά κολαστήρια. Από αυτούς που πριν λίγα χρόνια, χωρίς περίσκεψη, κατήγγειλαν την Αμυγδαλέζα, τώρα έχουμε την Μόρια. Ακόμη μια αυταπάτη που κατέληξε σε τραγωδία, όπως και τόσες άλλες εδώ και μια τριετία». Τα παραπάνω τόνισε ο αναπληρωτής τομεάρχης Εσωτερικών της Νέας Δημοκρατίας, αρμόδιος για θέματα Προστασίας του Πολίτη, βουλευτής Λαρίσης, κ. Μάξιμος Χαρακόπουλος, μιλώντας στην Επιτροπή Δημόσιας Διοίκησης, Δημόσιας Τάξης και Δικαιοσύνης, επί του σχεδίου νόμου του υπουργείου Μεταναστευτικής Πολιτικής, που προβλέπει την ενσωμάτωση στην ελληνική νομοθεσία Οδηγιών που σχετίζονται με τους πρόσφυγες και τους μετανάστες.

Ο κ. Χαρακόπουλος υπογράμμισε ότι «τα όσα κάνει η Τουρκία συνιστούν μια απαράδεκτη τακτική, η οποία καταδεικνύει και τις πραγματικές προθέσεις της Άγκυρας, η οποία μεταχειρίζεται διεθνείς συνθήκες και ανθρώπους εντελώς κυνικά και αποκλειστικά σύμφωνα με τα στενά της συμφέροντά. Η χώρα μας απέναντι σε αυτή τη συμπεριφορά θα έπρεπε να δείξει ισχυρά αντανακλαστικά σε κάθε επίπεδο. Κάτι που δεν γίνεται στη σημερινή ενσωμάτωση των ευρωπαϊκών οδηγιών, που έρχονται με πολύ μεγάλη χρονοκαθυστέρηση. Και κυρίως με τον σαφή διαχωρισμό των προσφύγων με τους μετανάστες. Αν αυτό είχε γίνει, αν οι διαδικασίες διαχωρισμού διεκπεραιώνονταν ταχύτατα, και γίνονταν οι επαναπροωθήσεις των παράτυπων μεταναστών, τότε η χώρα που θα αναγκαζόταν να τηρεί τα συμπεφωνημένα θα ήταν η Τουρκία. Αντιθέτως, η κυβερνητική αβελτηρία, γιατί δεν θέλω να πιστέψω πως πρόκειται για ηθελημένη καθυστέρηση, έχει καταστήσει εργαλείο πίεσης στα χέρια της Άγκυρας τους μετανάστες για την επίτευξη των γενικότερων σκοπών της έναντι της Ελλάδας και της ΕΕ».

Το στέλεχος της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης ανέφερε ότι «η κατάσταση στο προσφυγικό και μεταναστευτικό είναι μια ωρολογιακή βόμβα, που κάθε στιγμή μπορεί να προκαλέσει απρόβλεπτες εξελίξεις. Όπως αυτή που παρακολουθήσαμε στη Μυτιλήνη. Μπορεί εύκολα η κυβέρνηση να θέλει να ξεμπερδέψει με το πρόβλημα βαπτίζοντας όλους όσους διαμαρτυρήθηκαν για την κατάληψη της πλατείας Σαπφούς, από μετανάστες από το Αφγανιστάν για πολλές ημέρες, ως ακροδεξιά στοιχεία. Γνωρίζει, όμως, πολύ καλά, και ας υποκρίνεται ότι δεν καταλαβαίνει, ότι εκεί δεν ήταν μόνον ακραίοι –αν και πάντοτε αυτοί δίνουν τον τόνο σε τέτοιες συγκεντρώσεις, δεν ξεχνούμε τους αγανακτισμένους».

Τέλος κάλεσε την κυβέρνηση να ακολουθήσει επιτέλους τον δρόμο της λογικής και του ρεαλισμού:

• Το πρόγραμμα μετεγκατάστασης σε άλλες χώρες πρέπει να προχωρήσει πάση θυσία. Όταν απειλείται η κοινωνική συνοχή της χώρας, δεν επιτρέπονται εκπτώσεις.

• Να γίνει ταχύτατα αυστηρός διαχωρισμός προσφύγων και μεταναστών. Δεν γίνεται όλοι να κυκλοφορούν ως πρόσφυγες, ενώ είναι ουσιαστικά και νομικά οικονομικοί μετανάστες.

• Απορρόφηση των σχετικών κονδυλίων, που λιμνάζουν, για την κατασκευή κατάλληλων δομών, ώστε να ξεφύγουμε από το αίσχος των καταυλισμών που αμαυρώνουν την εικόνα της χώρας, και τέλος,

• Πίεση στην Ευρώπη να αναλάβει τις ευθύνες της στην προστασία των εξωτερικών συνόρων, και λήψη μέτρων κατά της Τουρκίας για αθέτηση των συμφωνηθέντων με την Ε..Ε για το μεταναστευτικό.

Δείτε το βίντεο της ομιλία του κ. Χαρακόπουλου"

Why I will have to take Greece out of the EU thus joined SYRIZA in February


1) A  Facebook fan, Cypriot migrant from Denmark-Norway, messaged me today that he heard I was walking around Athens with torn pants and wanted to tell off my Georgian migrant wife and her son personally when and if ever back in Greece! What a moron!

2) On the same day the current Immigration spokesperson of Nea Demokratia lashed against economic migrants and wanted to have them segregated from refugees! I've called not for his resignation but of his leader fellow Athens College alum Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

3) Greek media reported an ex-USSR mafia as "Georgian".

The main reason I let Manos in 1999 talk me into being in his "euro" Bulls was to Kill Bureaucracy at Greek, EU and global level.

That's why I also joined SYRIZA in February.

Fasten your seatbelts and watch me kill your Greek, EU and US, Canadian, Aussie and German and Dutch bureaucracies.

Synora sfagia, krati viastes.

Nick Panayotopoulos
Zeta Psi

Mzia und Nikas

Mzia und Nick

Nikas' wife Maka

Nikas' and Maka's kids, Tato et Nini

World get ready for MY Greece!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A global press release from Greece: Te huur, te koop

Athens, April 25, 2018 22:12 EET

After today's events I've decided that all purchases of land and other real estate in occupied Greece ie Greece since George Papandreou's Kastelorizo 2010 declaration will be audited by a special Competition Committee when Greece is free again with a view to restore injustices.

Specifically, to make sure the sellers were not bullied to sell and sold at fair prices.

From Troika occupied Greece, 
Nick Panayotopoulos

A message to all policemen and policewomen around Europe and the World

Have a great shift all. See you all this summer in Greece!

Message to all embassies in Greece

Good nite to all ambassadors and their staff and your security guards.

Please be reminded that I've applied for refugee status to the US, UK and Germany since your supervision started and have also scouted for work in Italy, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, France, England, Turkey and Georgia (where I married a citizen).

Have a great nite shift ya all.

Nick Panayotopoulos

Advice to Nea Demokratia

Don't overplay the law and order issue unless you live in Athens.

And most of you don't.


Remember 1977-2015? I do.

"Με τον #ΣΥΡΙΖΑ μπορείς είτε να εκνευρίζεσαι είτε να γελάς. Προτιμώ το δεύτερο. Πιστεύουν στα πάντα και τα αντίθετά τους! Δεν υπάρχει παγκόσμιο προηγούμενο!"

Kostis Hatzidakis

Minister for Development in 2009.
Minister for Transport and Communications from 2007 to 2009

I first met Kostis when I was working for Stelios Argyros and he came to Brussels as a new elected MEP in 1994 and we ran into each other outside the Interconti of Athens in 2014.

Kostis is a former ONNED president and apparently is forgetting his Minister record and the 1981-2009 governing of Greece by PASOK and ND. It led to the debt crisis.

As well as the 2012-2015 co-governing Greece of Samaras' ND and PASOK.

Mission statement of npthinking

My mission since 1981 is to shape the world in such a way that employers consider all Greeks employable by them. 

Decode this.

Nick/Nicholas/Nicholaos Panayotopoulos
Athens College '81; SB, MIT '85; MS, Northwestern '87; MBA, INSEAD D'90

Racism in Greece

To Huffington Post and other Greek media

Kesariani, April 25, 2018.

Re: Ποιος είναι ο κακοποιός της γεωργιανής μαφίας με το «αξίωμα» του Vor v Zakone που συνελήφθη στην Αθήνα

Re "Who is the criminal of the Georgian mafia with the "rank" of Vor v Zakone who was arrested in Athens.

Please verify that this mafia is indeed Georgian. If not, please correct as needed.

Nick Panayotopoulos

Law and Order needs to have a Law and Order budget, New Democracy and Troika

On April 23, Mike Voridis tweeted: 

 "Η Κυβέρνηση αρνείται να καταλάβει ότι το κράτος οφείλει να προστατεύει τη ζωή και την περιουσία των πολιτών. Είναι ανήκουστο να αποφυλακίζονται σκληροί εγκληματίες προτού εκτίσουν την ποινή τους. Παρασκευόπουλος και Κοντονής έχουν τεράστιες ευθύνες για την αύξηση της εγκληματικότητας"

"The government refuses to understand that the state has to protect the lives and property of the citizens, it is unheard of to release tough criminals before serving their sentence. Paraskevopoulos and Kontonis have huge responsibilities for increasing crime".

Dear Mike and lenders,

Crime is caused by mainly by poverty and jails, guards, policemen cost money too, no free lunches mate. Your guards cost us money as well, for all 300 of you.

Nick ('81)

Amerikis Square

It used to be called Bachelor Square. 

Then Plateia Amerikis. I was raised there.

AEK's offices were there and Attica cinema. 

How befitting it's the area that new Greece is mainly being formed.

I used to play pacman in one of the video stores. And donkey kong.

Our Greece will be what America didn't prove to be.

Multicultured. Buy a piece of this new Greece!

To buy the Patissia Makris studios on Iviron Street (17 m2), Kosti Palama Street (20 m2) or Magnisias Street (30 m2), send me an e-mail immediately at  

Nick Panayotopoulos
Zeta Psi

Gerry Makris is not for sale

Greetings to Canada, Mexico and the US.

My grandfather Gerasimos was an Athens lawyer and served as a deputy governor of the Dodecanese, based in Rhodes.

Never met him, he died in 1960 before I was born.

His mum Troas came to Athens a widow already at 18 with two kids.

They lived in poverty near Academias Street. 

One day she asked for an audition by one of the ladies of the then royal court and managed to get a contract for sewing army clothes at home.

He always lived on rent.

He was my dad's best friend.

He made his eldest daughter Troas, my mum and his son Alexander default on their share of his assets so Haroula Makris got it all. Cos my dad Demosthenes had refused any dowry and Alexander was a successful corporate lawyer.

She too lived on rent and used the two lots she inherited from him to built the block on Thironos 20 and one on Grigoriou Theologou Steet both near the Caravel and Hilton hotels. She opened a women's clothes store in Maroussi and lived on a Tameio Emporon (TEVE then TEVE/EFKA) pension til here 2017 at 87 death.

His son was a corporate lawyer for Shell, Unimorando and SAS.

Courage to all people in Greece whose mortgages defaulted after 2010 and thus have faced or are facing liquidation.

Nick Panayotopoulos
Zeta Psi

The Magnisias 20 flat of Haroula Makris: Sale

She got it in a swap of properties from her second husband, a Nea Liosia born German pensioner.

She sold to him her 50% of an Ano Voula lot and she got 4 small flats near Agios Panteleimonas.

The area is very melting pot and many Greeks don't like to go there anymore but it has a vibrancy that other parts of Athens and Greece do not.

The flat is large for a studio, 30m2, the block is a 1971 built and has monthly fees under 10 euros.

Antikeimeniki timi (used for the 2013 ENFIA): 21,000
I have so far been offered 5000! 

That's a disgrace, but that's supply and demand for you in the 2010-2018 Greek and Euro economy and global trends.

It is inhabited by a great melting pot of people, some Greeks, Albanians and Africans.

The last tenant was a Russian doctor and her husband. 

Is that why you only offer 5000 for it, dear fellow Greeks?

I spent one month there in 2013 but my aunt did not let me stay in there cos she was afraid of bureaucracy. She even threatened to call the Police to have me leave this flat and refused to even have me rent it.

Greek and EU bureaucracy I will do 50 shades on you as a politician.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The November 17, 2017 Declaration

The G7, G8, G30, the EU, UNASUR, NAFTA as well as elite groups such the ERT, the European Federalists, Bilderberg as well as Amnesty and BusinessEurope, ETUC, the Socialist International have failed to deliver what the world needs.

6am, November 17. 2017, on Patission I decided this:

A group of the following countries will provide it.

- China
- India
- United States
- Russia
- Greece

It will be known as G5.

"Synora sfagia krati viastes".

World come to Alexis', Rena's, Kyriakos', Dora's Hellas and my Greece.

Our Greece will rock your world.

Nick Panayotopoulos

On November 17, 2017, I left work with a taxi to attend the rally for the first time ever. I was beaten for 15' by 5 youths and survived. When they realized I'm not a cop and gave me my work badge and my ID back, one told me "make sure you come to the poreia or we will fuck you". My supervisors at the call center did not let me tho.

6am, November 17. 2017, on Patission I sat on a bench facing the MIT of Greece my father graduated from. What does not kill you makes you stronger. My Greece will be what the US never managed to be and can never be. 

My Greece and your Greece!
800-800 and 300 for every child. So none has to beg for money again due to your effing re-adjustment Troika.

Robert de Niro and Timbaland come to our Greece!

Athens transport for all

As pledged to users months ago, the cost of Athens tranport will be charged to the taxpayers not the users.

Takes an MIT man with an MBA to do this? 

The Metro gates are fascist and so is the Metro logo in a Troika occupied Athens.

Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85


Μπάχαλο ηλεκτρονικού εισιτηρίου: Ο ΟΑΣΑ κρύβει τα προβλήματα κάτω απ' το χαλί

via @athenstransport

Open letter to the US Democrats from Kessariani

Dear friends. 

It's not Wharton alum Donald Trump's fault the US is unpopular around the world.

Your US killed native Americans.

You kicked Greeks out of Omaha in the early 1900s.

You discriminated in favor of the Irish and the Anglos and still do.

Your last immigration bill was I think Ted Kennedy's.

Americans, I love ya all, but you are not the cream of the Earth. We New Greeks are.

I will negotiate a bilateral free migration bill between Greece and your US.

See ya all in Alexis' and my Greece.

Nick Panayotopoulos
Zeta Psi

Where to buy cigarettes in Athens using a cash or credit card

1) Kiosks:

I've so far located the following Athens kiosks that accept them:

- One of the kioks on Omonoia Square (near the Bageion).

- The kiosk at the exit of the Tavros station of Line 1.

- One of the kiosks on Ermou St. near Syntagma Square

- One kiosk near the Thironos 20 penthouse being sold (on the corner of Imittou and Formionos streets).

- The kiosk in front of #48 block of flats on Spyrou Merkouri Street.

2) Supermarkets:

Carrefour near Omonoia used to sell cigs, not since the changes. 

I've one found that sells cigarettes near the Thironos 20 penthouse being sold:

The Bazaar at Solomonidou 45 and Ethnarchou Makariou St. in Kesariani. 
Tel: 210 7216866 

Consumer review: Bazaar stores

Site in not only Greek but English as well.

Part of the Veroukas group of companies, 140 super market stores located throughout Greece.

Very polite and professional staff in its Solomonidou 45 and Ethnarchou Makariou St. Kesariani branch (open til 23:00, plus you can buy cigs). Tel: 210 7216866 

Work opps for you:

Bazaar has opened new stores (page in English):

Greece: Problems for 4 hours on Thursday using the trains (OSE) and the Proastiakos (Athens Airport-Doukissis Plakentias station)

A strike takes place on Thursday, 26 April 2018 from 11:00 am until 15:00 at the Suburban (Proastiakos) and the other trains of TRAINOSE.

A TRAINOSE announcement is expected on the routes that will not be realized. 

It is also expected that the Metro routes in the Douk. Plakentias - Airport at these times won't be made.

The 4 hour strike was announced by the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Railways and concerns OSE, HESTS, TRAINOSE, ERGOSE and GAIAOSE personnel throughout the network. April 26 is the deadline for the submission of an improved offer by TRAINOSE to TAIPED for the acquisition of EASTY.

Will look into the reasons for these strikes (other of course than the obvious crisis related pay demands).

OSE runs the trains in Greece as well as the Doukissis Plakentias-Airport service.

Please also keep in mind the May 1st 2018 transport issues you may if you are living or traveling in Greece. 

Eg travel from Piraeus to the Greek islands.

Turkey-Greece war still pending

Euronews has reported:

Turkey using Greek soldiers as "bargaining chips"

Correct. Explanation:

1) The Turkish servicemen asked for political asylum in Greece.

2) As far as it is known, the Greek soldiers did not seek political asylum in Turkey from Troika occupied Greece.

3) Therefore casus belli for Greece still exists.

Nick Panayotopoulos

Governance in Greece and the EU

I just received an e-mail from one of my alma maters, INSEAD (The Business School of the World, Fontainebleau and Singapore).

It is co-organising with a former Athens and Brussels employer of mine, the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) an interesting seminar in Athens, Greece:

2018/5/24, 16:00PM – 19:00PM
Electra Palace hotel, Athens

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC) & SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) 

invite you to a seminar on:


INSEAD Chaired Professor Corporate Governance,
Academic Director of the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC).

Professor Ludo Van der Heyden will elaborate on the challenges that organizations must meet,
for governance to be effective and be associated with value creation.

This event is organized by INSEAD Directors’ Network (IDN) and supported by the INSEAD Alumni Association of Greece.

Keep reading npthinking for coverage of the following issues:

1) To have corporate governance you need to have corporations. Greece does not, yet.

2) Managing any company in Greece and the EU occupies much of its time with bureaucratic matters.

Working in Athens: You won't be able to use trolleybuses for 7 hours tomorrow Wednesday, April 24

From 12:00 to 17:00 local time (EET).

Vehicles will begin withdrawing from 11:00 am, while restoration of full service is expected after 18:00.

The strike was proclaimed by the ILPAP Workers' Association to hold a postponed general meeting.

The remaining modes (Metro, Tram, buses and trains (OSE)) are expected to move normally.

Question to Troika:

Why is the employer not giving the trade union and the workers pay to hold their meeting on a weekend when users' needs are lower?

The effects of 2010-2017 on Greece: Part 1: Deaths

Knowma World Atlas provides a good snap picture of the effect of the Troika occupation  on Greece:


The rate jumped from 10 in 2010 (call of the IMF and the Eurogroup and ECB) by George A. Papandreou to 11.2 in 2015 when New Democracy and PASOK lost the elections and SYRIZA won.

After the post referendum bank closing crisis (2015), SYRIZA won another election. The next election is in 4 years since September 2015, ie September 2019.

The President of the Republic election was in January 2015 so the next one in January 2020.

The unemployment rate was 8% in 2009 before the near default and now it's still 20% (30% says the ECB). 

As Francois Mitterad skilfully explained, unemployment promotes crime.
As Gary Hart pointed out, the enemy is proverty.

Reportimg from Athens for npthinking,
Nick Panayotopoulos

Guide: Starting a company in 2018 Greece or any other EU member state. Only fools and horses.

When we were in her native Georgia in 2014, Mzia (aka Maria or Manana or Mancho) would not let me start a company there or even interview for a job. 

Thus I did not have a chance to visit your embassy in Tbilisi, only the Hellenic Republic one.

All local staff there were Georgian and the security man, a cool dude from Pontos told me horror stories about hospitals in Greece. Whih of course I know from being a carer to my mum. I have also visited Hospitals in Italy, France and Belgium (see future post).

Why start any company inside the EU unless the EU has single tax and social security system.

Who wants to deal with the curbersome VAT instead of the US sales tax system.

That's why Dropbox, Apple, Sony, Lenovo etc don't want to touch the EU with a ten foot pole and instead use eg Ireland (Dropbox). I did not get a chance to work for Apple or Microsoft call centers yet to know where their euro HQs are. Rothmans had them in Amsterdam (global ones in London). It was acquired by BAT after I worked there.

Who the heck is crazy to start a biz in a market that has 27 different local, national and other laws?

I was freelance in Greece until 2006 and ran an office with staff in Belgium in 1991-1994 thus know what I'm talking about.

Based on the current situation I don't want to start a company anywhere and Mzia is not crazy to start a biz in red tape Greece either. She works for peanuts in Greece now, 400, cash, whereas she was earning 1000 in 2007 from my mum (cash of course cos no sane person goes to OAED to start a company to employ a carer or a domestic, 95% pays then cash or asks them to "open a deltio" to be safer.

A co-patriot of Mzia's even got an extra 1000 from me back in 2007 (I gave them 1000 after my mum was buried) cos she threatened to report ME to the OAED! Heck, I was an employee of my mum's too, technically, so it was my mother who was the employer, not me.  But since I was the de facto manager of the care (2 carers, 2 shifts, each for 1000 but a doctor (George Tyrallis) as adviser), I gave her the additional 1000 cos technically she could claim to OAED I was her "boss".

A job site to use to find work in Greece is

They also have a newspaper under the brand "Stentoras".

That reminds of Dimitri Fyntanis, a Salonica native and fellow dotcom start-up businessman  in 1999 until May 2002. He appeared to be a honest man Evangeliki type of guy when I met him as his competitor with my execs only jobboard.

When I decided to switch back to executive work and consultancy instead of dotcoms, I did work for his start-up:

- Media 
- OpEds on career matters

I did it with the stupid system called deltio parohis ypersion! Don't touch it. If you do, don't blame me afterwards like me of you do cos I have a Greek name and last name.

He was going to deposit my money on 2002/12/01 to my Ethniki Bank account.

So this guy calls  me at 2103622490 and informs me that he could not pay me the 2,300,000 plus VAT  because he had lent a friend in need.

Note that  I happened to use Troas Makris flat in Kolonaki (5, Pindarou Steet) back then and had a Mazda 323F I had bought in Belgium in 1992.

Back then Kolonaki was full of old folks and weird Greek people who tried to bully my mother like others did to her sister Haroula.

It's so much easier to terrorize people with the IRS tough as I plan to do instead of AADE.

So sold it for 315,000 in 2006 to pay for her medical expenses.

Fyntanis never called again or tried to reach me to pay me. Thus before I filed my 2002 taxes at the end of 2002 I slipped a receipt for 1,500,000 plus VAT under his then start up biz. 

I went and put it under his door at nite cos I was busy and of course took a goofy Greek GF on mine with me as a witness cos I never trusted Greeks. He does HR now and maybe she remembers.

So after I came back from my August 2012-December 2012 jobsearch in Euroland and this guy agrees to meet me at his then bigger headquaters.

He tells me flat out that that he has Alzheimers' (my mum did too, but he was much older than him), tells me he admirs Merkel and claims to pay me 50s but only if I could provide proof our work agreement! 

I have the receipt I gave him in 2002 but no agreement at all, cos back then your word was supposed to mean something.


Age and jobs in Greece, Europe, the US etc

"I'm reading a job advert in Skaywalker:

"Εάν θεωρείτε ότι το προφίλ σας ταιριάζει με την παραπάνω θέση, αποστείλετε πλήρες βιογραφικό σημείωμα με πρόσφατη φωτογραφία και την ακριβή ημερομηνία γέννησης."

It asks you to include not only a photo but your exact birth date. Why?

What is "antikeimeniki timi" when you have or buy or sell property in Greece

"Antikeimeniki Timi" translates into "objective value" and it' a concept introduced because too many people try to avoid paying the following taxes:

1) FMA = Foros Metavivasis Akinitou = Sale transaction tax 

It's paid by the buyer. 

2)  ENFIA (land owners tax)

It was introduced in the troika days.

To the Belgians

You are indeed little as Alain from Brussels and Paris warned me and knew you from my Brussels days.

Salonikians you hate Athenians and above all you hate men like me.

Troika you suck.

Alexis Tsipras, good luck, find a way to contact me when you need me.

Foreign governments, you suck. 

Bureaucrats, your economies are worth jack shit.

For global Greece,

Nick Panayotopoulos

To McDonalds

Please inform McDonalds Greece that the correct expression is "work for us" not "work with us". Eleos diladi LOL.


See you in other countries.

My best,

Nick Panayotopoulos

A message to all Albanians

Dear all,

I leave Greece to you, cos my family had roots from NW Greece too.

Thanks also to the Helllenic Police.

Donald Trump you suck. Shame on you and Mark Rutte, all Germans, Emmanuel Macron you faggot I now know why the teacher married you. Get a spine.

Thanks to all Policemen, Albanians and Georgians in Greece. 

We are now in command of Greece and Europe. 

Me agonistikous xairetismous.

So called Greeks, you are not Greek.

Alexis, good luck mate with the Troika.

Call me when you need me.

Nick Panayotopoulos

Global Press Release from Troika Occupied Athens

Athens. April 24, 2018.

Troika and special interests, this time you have gone too far.

New Democracy you ruined Greece too not just PASOK. Shame on you.

I'm not Georgian for Pete's sake, I'm an honest Athenian and you are trying to force me to sell at 20% of Antikeimeniki. 

Thanks to the Albanians for making another offer and the Hellenic Police for doing its best with a troika imposed budget.

I'm leaving Athens again until the occupation ends. 

US, Russia and Germany, the Netherlands, France and UK, shame on you for what you have done to Greece.

You sent people on a mission to try to get people who are trying to sell to sell eg a studio for 5,000! They are trying to make a buck cos they are poor too. But the people who sent them are now known to Europol and Interpol.

Thank you to Nikos Toskas and his Hellenic Police.

See you again in 5 years.

Athens will be a great city someday again.

Nick Panayotopoulos