Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sherpa: What is a Sherpa

a member of a Tibetan people living on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal. Known for providing support for foreign trekkers and mountain climbers. Sherpa is thus also used in UK English for someone who makes preparations for or assists a government representative or important delegate at a summit meeting or conference (eg the WTO or NATO high level meetings).

What type of work do 2021 Americans prefer


46% of voters believe the ideal job is to be self-employed. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that another 21% would like to work for a small business.

Only fifteen percent (15%) think that working for a large corporation would be ideal while 9% would like a government job.

Fifty percent (50%) of men think self-employment is the best, 43% of women.

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