Monday, October 15, 2012

Is more Europe the answer to separatist dynamics in Flanders, Catalonia, Scotland?

I believe so.

European unification imo partly alleviated separatism pressures.

Lack of it fosters them, More Europe is the answer.

My take is that many of these separatism pressures/dynamics (must read: a very thought provoking analysis on current separatist dynamics in the EU, "Separatism is in the air as EU leaders prepare to meet in Brussels" today by Stephanie Gruner Buckley in are due to lack of concrete unification progress at Euro/EU level.

Applying a systemics and dynamics approach, one could go as far as to speculate that, in a way, if Europe does not unite better, the next equilibrium in many cases may be not the national but the local almost city state level!

In any case, Europe's systemics are not working, at various levels (EU, Euro, national, etc). They need systems analysis fast!

PS. That inter alia means that national champions and elites that are fighting against European integration may soon find their status threatened by local ones. They have to consider joining the EU-wide competition even if that means more competition than they are used to, or decide how to compete with the local champions and forces. Food for thought.

PS2. The European Commission was imo right to "duck" questions on separatism in EU states today. It is not in its "competences" to have a view on the topic.

More analysis and strategic options (policy, business, etc) in  dealing with this dynamic, are available upon request.

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