Monday, January 31, 2011

The power of Love

In these "too financial", volatile, austerity plagued times the vaiue of the power of Love is probably higher than ever before.

Here are some songs of mine of recent months, on the subject of Love:

(Note the melange of electronic and Balkan sound in some of the following)

1) "Night and Day, I love you"

2) "I want you night and day"

3) "I need you day and night"

4) "I need you day and night" No. 2

5) "I need you day and night" No. 3

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cameron's International Relations tactics: How to lose friends and ....

Reading in the press this morning about Cameron's newest IR attempt, see eg BBC News - Cameron calls for northern European alliance, the first thought that came to my mind was:
The good old divide & rule trick?

Here are some more thoughts on it:

Cameron's IR (international relations) tactics seem to fit a title like the "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" one (see the well known book and film).

Is it any wonder that Obama made that very positive comment re US-France friendship, that the US-UK special relationship is in crisis (see eg "No Stronger Friend...than France" in American Thinker, 1.19.2011)

By taking the Tories out of the EPP, Cameron has contributed to the UK's problematic International Relations driven by the Euroscepticism that has been so dominant in the UK for so many years that the rest of Europe and the world could not help but "notice", especially after th return of the Tories in power.

Botton Line: Tory Euroscepticism has lost the UK friends in EUrope and alienated its traditional allies in the world.

Hence Cameron's (desperate?) attempt now for a northern European alliance

Like some of Ricky's jokes last Sunday in Hollywood, the Tories/Euroscepticism/Cameron have gone too far! The difference: Ricky is a comedian.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to talk about the sovereignty of Europe from China, USA, Russia, et al

BBC News this morning reports that "The Chinese government, which is sitting on $2 trillion of foreign exchange reserves, has ample amounts of cash to fund loans which help promote its strategic objectives."

$2 trillion of foreign exchange reserves, $2 trillion of foreign exchange reserves! Enough to "buy" the world, including US & Europe?

The European Union is being built el cheapo, ie on a measly budget. Is it now being "sold" to China, el cheapo? EUropeans must understand that!

Time to talk about the sovereignty of EUrope! EU independence from China, Russia, USA, et al via full Union!

That is what Mrs Merkel, M. Sarkozy, all leaders of EU countries, even MM Cameron & Clegg, must explain to the voters/taxpayers!

This responsibility, of major historical proportions, also lies with all political parties, media & opinion makers, in Germany & around the EU.

Monday, January 17, 2011

From a centrist point of view: Capitalism: Neither Love Nor Hatred

A few thoughts after watching Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story":

IMO corporate short termism imposed by the financial markets & credit based consumption the main system faults.

From my centrist POV:
It's not the job of the state to subsidize private-for-profit companies
It's not the job of private companies to do a state's job eg collect taxes, provide health insurance, run prisons, police or military "services", own or operate highways, etc.

How come no side foresaw the effect of the rise of the Fed interest rate by some 400 basis points on the retail i rates after the fixed rate period?

Who drove the demand for the vast expansion for subprime mortgage based investment instruments?

Michael Moore is right about the effect of students' debt on their career choices & priorities.

IMO the whole structure and the foundations of the "financial world" need a major rethink, way beyond the recent reforms in the US and in the EU, but Capitalism per se, in its original "release" is the best system available. But it needs a fundamental rethink. And a soul.

On the Presidency of the Council of the EU

There is no "Presidency of the EU" only "Presidency of the Council of the #EU" (Council of the EU, not of Europe).

And in spite of the customary hoopla - "PR" that most Presidencies generate, a Presidency of the Council of the EU should IMO be judged mostly if not exclusively on its performance in chairing the meetings of the Ministers, Coreper I & working groups.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Policy of the Year - 2010

My poll on the (best public) Policy of the Year (2010) starts starts today, via my @nppolicyanalyst Twitter account.

So please send me a tweet @nppolicyanalyst and/or tweet using the #policy2010 hashtag with your opinion on one or all of the following 3 questions:

1) What is in your opinion the best public policy decision made in the USA in 2010?

2) What is in your opinion the best public policy decision made by the EU institutions in 2010?

3) What is in your opinion the best public policy decision made in UK or FR or FRG or other European or world country in 2010?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My memories are all about you (song)

Song (romantic)
My memories are all about you, my memories are you, you are my memories ..

Jet Set (poem)

"Jet Set"

Lovers they were, once
Under the Mediterranean sun
Seekers they are, ever since
Under the English rain
Desperados of global sands
Surfers of the world's resorts
Pirates of sorts in the winter chalets
Trying to recover the lovers they once were

And the song based on my poem:

The Highway to Success

I wrote this poem in 2005 but IMO it is even more relevant now.:

The Highway to success

Come on, confess,
More and more, for less
Move on, "migrate"
Further and further, closer

Come on, express
Faster and faster, just-in-time
Move on, diversify
Wider and wider, in shallow waters

Come here, invest
More and more, no rest
Move over, the horses are coming
Better and better, learn to play the game

The only game in town
No other city is to be found
Here in the golden dessert
Under the sun

One house, one neighbourhood,
one city, one county, one country
New members, newcomers
Old members, experienced

Greenhorns with experience
Wise men with youth
Horsemen and blacksmiths
Venturers and investors

Dreams, hopes, expectations, visions
Risks, threats, challenges, fears
Strategies, tactics, plans, instincts
Victories, draws and losses

Come on, protest,
More and more, for less
Slow down, philosophise
Let the children play their games

Come on, trade
High return for low risk
Move on, transport
Metaphors and solutions

Come here, Go away
Decide, now, not later
Don't stay still, move over, the horses are coming
Learn to play their game your way

Or take the highway

Watch/listen to my song based on the above poem:

Feeling at Home

At home in the world
At home in the EU
At home on Earth
At home away from home

At home at work
At home without work
At home, working from home
At home, working on housework

At home in a different hotel room every night
At home at the airport
At home at sea
At home in the air

At home on the road
At home on the way home
At home on the way to a new home
At home, with a flat tire!

At home in chaos
At home in order
At home in volatility
At home in stability

At home in the market
At home looking for a market
At home away from home
At home on rent

At home with globalisation
At home with free trade
At home with fair trade
At home with aid

At home in a studio
At home in a house
At home in a condominium
At home in a ghetto

At home at the client's office
At home at the fair
At home with demand
At home with supply

At home with equilibrium
At home in equilibrium
At home being alone
At home feeling alone
At home with crows
At home at a party
At home with visitors
At home as a visitor

Wir sind alle Auslaender

Written: January 2006

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