Saturday, August 28, 2010

More than Semantics: Europe, EUrope, EU, love vs trust!

More than semantics!

Which is the right (relevant) "strategic" question to ask EUropeans? a) "Do you trust the EU?" or b) "Do you like (or love?) the EU?"

The term "European" denotes geographical identity, analogous to Asian, African (let's leave "American" aside for now). Thus a term such as "EUropean" or something should be used to denote those who are and feel positive about being citizens of the European Union, which after all, does not and probably never will include ALL European countries (eg Norway does not want to join).

All institutions of the EU should be renamed to reflect that distinction properly, eg EU Commission, EU Parliament, EUCJ, etc!

Plus, IMO, the biggest conceptual fuzz relates to what the term "EU" denotes in people's minds. "EU" is not its (ie the EU) institutions, everything in the European Union is (& should be perceived by the people as) "EU"!

Eg does one ask a German "Do you trust Germany?" Makes no sense as a question!

Lastly (for now):
Case in point: "EU Affairs" vs "European Affairs".

capital, goods, humans and systemic imbalances in globalisation and the EU

Offering capital and goods more freedom than humans produces systemic imbalances (in addition to being rather anti-humanistic).
IMO there should be free immigration among at least the WTO member countries/economies.

PS: The very low intra-EU migration eg creates systemic imbalance inside the EU and its single market.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is the new "America" virtual?

Following the "saturation" of the US the world needs a new "America, America" where one can pursue the original "American Dream" but there seems to be no "real estate" left on this planet for this new America to be "built" on!

So maybe the new "America" is a) virtual b) has to wait for mass space travel (!!) c) other (specify:.......)

Europe could become the new "America" but instead it seems to be falling back to the old "malaise" that made Europeans move to "America"!!

SE Asia?

Some thoughts on world dynamics

Some thoughts on world dynamics

Too many CEOs in 2010 still have the mindset of military leaders, in that they are preoccupied with beating the competition instead of focusing on client needs, wants and satisfaction. Too many analysts as well.

On the other hand, world dynamics in recent years have turned countries into players in a global economic game where the goals are scored via exports and trade surpluses!
Hence corporations are failing in satisfying clients, shareholders and ... analysts, countries are failing to satisfy their populations and have allowed populists to create scapegoats out of political and economic immigrants (see recent proposals re immigrants and "new" citizens in USA, France and Belgium).

In short, the world (Earth) is anything but uniting, in spite of the positive effect of the Internet and social media!

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