Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why a United States of Europe is needed

Comparative (and complimentary) Systemics EU-USA:

Let's consider first the World Systemics (population):

China 1.3 bn
India 1.2
EU27 0.5
USA 0.3
USA+EU27 = 0.8
USA+EU... = 0.6-1.0 (ie large enough for balance of 3)

US Systemics:
Population US has 300 mn in 50 states
The average state population is 6 mn
3 states above 20 million: CA 39, TX 25, NY 20
7 states with less <1 br="br" mn="mn">35 states between 1 and 10 mn!

EU Systemics

Population 500 mn in 27 states
The average MState pop is 18.5 (USA: 6)
7 MS above 20 million: GER 81, FR 64, UK 62, IT 60, SP 46, (CA 39) PL 38, RO 21
The other 20 MS under 16.5 million pop (NL)


A breakup of the EU that some Cassandras "see", would allow the US and Russia and maybe others to play geo-econ "chess" on Europe!

In such scenario (!), some European countries may expect to be the queen, king, knights, rooks or bishops, but they may be surprised (pawns)

That is why IMO a European Political Union is a systemic "must", with 27+, 27 or 20, 15 or 10 countries.

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