Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The paymasters of democracy and one person, one vote

The "we are the paymasters" so our opinions carry (more) weight because of that is being used by some member states of the EU.

But consider possible logical extensions of this rationale:

Does that mean wealthy citizens of a country can "spin off" from it? Or ask for more votes per person?   In other words, that people should have number of votes in proportion to their (declared) income?

Of course not, imho.

But watch for some politician, at national or local level, in Europe making that argumentation. And when you do, think of this post.

I already read somewhere that in some country, they say, there is a thought to give minors (children) voting rights, via their parents of course (the parents would be the ones to vote on their behalf). If that is so, then is that not a Trojan Horse for the one person, one vote core idea of democracy (recall of course than in the US, it is he/she who gets the most electors who wins the Presidency, not the one who gets most votes at national (federal) level - and most member states have decided long ago (each on its own, they have that right) to give all their electors to the winner of the state's vote).

More analysis of the topic and policy and business implications available upon special request.

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