Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Personal live blog, October 29, 2012

Read bottom up to follow the flow:

For fans: Have you watched: My Brunswick Vlogs (parts 1-3) 3 vlogs total 10 minutes. Recorded: Oct. 1, 2012.

20+ yrs of monitoring and analysis:

If your following my tweets is conditional upon my following your account then inter alia you're in the wrong social medium. Friend me on FB
And value my thoughts (tweets, blogs etc) enough to follow my tweets whether I follow you back or not. Or don't! SVP.
So pls show some respect for my thoughts, and if you disagree argument/syllogise why. Else, don't follow. Oct 29, 2012
You think my thoughts and takes on things EU, UK, US, etc is NOT a result of 20+ yrs of monitoring of and thinking on them? Oct 29, 2012

Followers, friends and connections:
Are tweeps who are following you and 5000, 20000 or 50000 other tweeps really following you?
To connect on FB and/LindkedIn, use and (use
If you operate on follow you-follow me then imo you are in the wrong social medium! Try Facebook. Maybe LinkedIn too.
That's the trouble w/ still following 1900+ tweeps! An interesting tweet passes by my Tweetdeck and disappears before I have chance to RT it. So cutting down, further.
If you take my tweets at face value ONLY, better unfollow. They are not "good" for you.
Dear followers, I am doing to you something analogous to what many financiers are doing to "you". Downsizing and re-vamping my "portfolio"! ie do not read and think of any of my tweets superficially, no matter how dramatic the tone. THINK beyond any hype by media or social media
2/2 But: If you are out to prove that EU is bad for the UK and related, do not (follow my account). Oct 29, 2012
1/2 If you are interested in my views of systemics and dynamics that affect our life. work, biz decisions, stick around.

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