Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My take on Obama

My take on Obama:

1) His election to the Presidency was a milestone in US history.

2) But the dynamics of the US 4 years ago (including GOP+Tea+Fox) were more in need of a running game under heavy rain rather than a passing game (to borrow a US football analogy) and thus called more for a Hillary type of President. Think for example ofthe watering down of Obamacare due to Obama's efforts to bring GOP in, to no avail.

3) Overall, his presidency is maybe a victim of expectations maybe too high by his electorate.

4) Mitt Romney and his ideology and policy views, or any other less "moderate" republican (is there such a thing) do not deserve the presidency. Especially with someone like Paul Ryan, and his ideology/policy views, as VP. Only a really moderate GOP would, a GOP that is unlikely to emerge any time soon, alas.

That's why Obama still in the running, in spite of high unemployment. And why Mitt is still in the running too, in spite of being, well, Mitt!

5) Thus: Between Mitt (esp plus Ryan) and Obama, the choice is, clearly; Obama. In any case, not Romney.

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