Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What (really) makes the world go round?

What makes the world go round?

I think that a "money" is, with all due respect, faulty.

IMO it is youthful curiosity (the one that Einstein attributed his scientific success to) and the immigrant mentality that make the World go round; as per the Earth, it is Physics (and its laws) that make the planet go round (see what happens in 2012??? I am not really buying the related theories, but who knows, I like to keep an open mind, my bad)

IMO we need to learn to love not only our neighbours but all fellow humans and respect the immigrant, we are all either immigrants or descendants of immigrants which is very well captured in the well known "Wir sind alle Ausländer" motto.

IMO every human has a "human birthright" to live and work legally any place on this planet he/she chooses to. Absence of this right constitutes IMO a form of global apartheid that future historians and generations will look down upon.

Example: IMO the Unites States lost its competitiveness edge in the world when it started putting restrictions on immigration. The immigrants that still managed to enrich the US (eg asylum seekers, etc) still manages to some of it. See eg the book: "Immigrant, Inc" (http://www.immigrantinc.com) by Richard T. Herman & Robert L. Smith that includes the inspiring motto "Think Like an Immigrant". Kudos, gentlemen!


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