Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NP Live Blog - November 6: Omabaland

To follow the flow, start from the bottom and read up:


What happens if there is a tie? Extra time or penalties?
Nothing to fear but Romney being President.
America will come "roaring back"? With a Chinese engine?

Morning: EU: The euro's credibility was built on an in-credible inflation minimization dogma that pushed the euro skyhigh. Hence the resulting vertigo.

Governing Dynamics: Capital is vagabond and homeless, so are companies, services and products. Can humans do it, though?

Governing Dynamics - Competitiveness: Only the homeless will survive?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thinker's Diary - November 5: At St. Tropez!

When you are woken up early by a maid's knock on your hotel room door, rent a car that goes bust after 10 minutes and have to wait for assistance for 90 minutes in a busy street aided by a homeless fellow Balkan, witness a car upside down on a highway, cannot find the place you slept out in the open when 17, 33 years ago, find out that the restaurant you had dinner with your late mother 21 years ago is now part of a parking lot, and realise the area around St. Tropez looks a lot like many Greek tourist places (esp Nature), plus have a wifi connection that is less stable than the euro, I guess then you know you have had a full day. November 5.