Thursday, November 29, 2012

From my personal diary: My own "systemics" and London rain

Back from the third trip to the dentist in 10 days. 8 extractions down (3 today), 6-7 more to go. It's raining like London the taxi driver claimed. Not it's not, I thought, but I did not say anything, I still had cotton in my mouth pressed again the empty gum. Was raining cats and dogs though and my shoes were too low to keep my pants from getting wet. Did make it to a mini market near the flat though and bought some basic stuff, was surprised the bill was 8 euro! The tuna can alone cost 2.5! The juice boxes each 1.2! Next time, supermarket. This was just to cover needs for tonight and tomorrow am, mostly.

Back at the flat, I washed my jaw with salty water, turned on the heater to reduce the dumpness,  edited my LinkedIn profile.

Looks like my denture will be fixed by end of January at the latest. Then I will decide re location, it seems.

Still exhausted from the last 3 months, the last 1 year, the last 10 years. But especially the 12 weeks of the NW "fact-finding" trip. And as a friend put it during the trip "you quit your home, smoking, lost 20+ kilos, etc etc, your system must be out of balance looking for a new one". Seems so. I analyse world,, European and other systemics and dynamics and their effects on policy making and business strategies. My systemics are systemics too. But not a believer in self analysis. Because a lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

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