Friday, May 4, 2012

NPEurotelex, May 4: Rain and Pain. Gain?

The austerity of growth, the growth of austerity! * Now many are pro growth but which kind of growth? * The pain in Spain stays always in the ... * Argentina, now Bolivia, .... * On English soil or English grass? * April services down in France, Italy, Spain. But at least one PMI did rise (German Services PMI for April vs March, source: Markit) * The winner in the UK local elections is Labour with 12.5% (Tories 10%, Did not Vote 68%) * Localism, Nationalism, Regionalism (eg EU) or Globalism? * Was low turnout in UK local elections yesterday a sign against Localism? * Treating people the way you want to be treated assumes everyone wants to be treated your way! (phlilosopical) * It's one thing for a country of 15 or 150 million to "convert" to Capitalism, but when one of 1.3 billion does, see world in last 10 yrs (since it joined the WTO)!* Bayrou will vote for Hollande but the gap seems closing, albeit probably too late, but it's closing!

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