Saturday, May 5, 2012

Europe Day 2012: May 6 instead of May 9?

Europe (EU) Day is on May 9 every year. But this year it seems that Europe (EU) day is May 6:


Because of the elections in France, Greece as well as Schleswig-Holstein; all there crucial not only for a national point of view but an EU (and Euroland) POV as well.

And if one takes account of the UK local elections, including London, of May 3, and other events of the week (see my European Calendar) then one could argue that this week Monday April 30th to May 6 is "Europe Week 2012".

PS. Of course, like other days, such a Valentine's Day, one could argue that in essence days like Europe (EU) Day are or they should be every day of the year!

PS2. Add to them the local elections in some 900 towns in Italy on Sunday and Monday.

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