Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From my diary: Marathon Man?

Sunday, Nov. 25:

Yesterday I was expecting a good day and it turned out a not so good one, today I expected a bad day and it turned out better!

Monday Nov. 26 (day 14 in Athens)

Today was the first time I went out of the flat for last 9 days except for the 2 visits to the dentist (last Monday and last Thursday). I am still tired from the 12 week voyage but less than before and eager to sight-see in an Athens I feel I have been away from for years!

Shopping new antivirus at Stournara St and pants on Patission near Kaningos Square (15 euro) and a cap (5 euro), passing by my lawyer, bought food at sandwich shop (6.5 euro, 2 spanakopittas and 1 sandwich), topped up my mobile (20!), went to a funeral of a friend's father, visited my mother's grave (could not help crying, very rare for me), went to a supermarket (15 euro), back to my flat (total taxi spend 12 euro), watched the news re Eurogroup, now in bed tweeting and the like.

Tomorrow I will walk, some, in Athens aimlessly, the best kind of walking around Athens! lol Tired of roaming around London, Brussels, NW Europe trying to decide if to stay or not.

Too much thinking, that was! And feeling.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 (day 15 in Athens)

Woke up very late, was online til late last nite doing the kind of things I like to do (friend suggested that as a way to chill after trip). Then, today, put on my new sweat pants and went walking aimlessly around the hood. Slowly, like a new arrival, re-discovering the place which is very multi-culti and prices are in free fall. Bought 2 units of underwear for 4 euro. Can of sardines for 1.5. Chicken for 8 (full chicken, cooked), Bottle of water (small) for 0.5. Talked to a friend of a friend who owns a local restaurant. Neither used to do take-outs. Now, cos of the crisis, they kinda do.

But above all, walked, more of that tomorrow.

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