Saturday, May 5, 2012

NPEurotelex, May 5: Where is Greg House?

UK: Tories 28% down in councillors but LibDems down 44% to the levels of 30 years back! * Should Clegg follow in Westerwelle's footsteps? * Did Boris win or did Ken lose London? * Chelsea or Liverpool? * Tomorrow, Sunday, the focus moves eastwards, to France, Greece and Serbia * Und  Schleswig-Holstein * Merkonti or Merkemont? * Japan nuclear free! From 30% nuclear before last year's quake to 0% today * Competitiveness: Which of the different narratives are you buying into? #EU #Eurozone * Does the Euroland economy need someone with Gregory House's diagnostics skills, instead of dogmas? #Merkonti #Merkozy * Funny how some ppl try to decode mgs in voting results. Or in markets moves!

Have you read yesterday's NPEurotelex?

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