Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up to 21 months left for the move to political union in Europe

Do you worry about the developments in Finland asked me today a fellow tweeter.

My reply was:

No, I think that such developments are actually creating the conditions for a move to political union soon (IMO within 21 months)!

I am not into the "business" of predictions or "forecasts". But it was in January 2011 that I made one, based on the systemics and dynamics in EUrope and the world. That within 2 years, ie 21 from now (April) the leaders of the EU member states (or at least some of them) will announce a move to political union.

The events from January until today, including the so called Europlus pact, have not caused me to change my prediction.

IMO the "worse" and more "difficult" things get in the EU, the Eurozone, even Schengen (see problems between Italy and France re Tunisian economic migrants), and in spite of the rise of right wing political parties in votes in many EU member states, it is (actually) because of all these problems that IMO the leaders will soon decide that the only solution is a bold (yet IMO much delayed) move forward to political union (including economic, fiscal even military one).

Why such "faith"? Because the way I see things, from a systemics and dynamics POV in EUrope and the world, the creation of a single "country" (in the form of a US of Europe or Federal Republic of Europe) is inevitable.

Of course, politicians have not psychologically prepared their citizens for such a move, on the contrary, the "anti EUers" seem to have won many battles recently.

In spite of that, or maybe because of all that, the "Eurofuzz" will have to end sometime and the move to political union decided, by 27, or 26 or even fewer members of the EU or Eurozone or Eurozone Plus!

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