Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And the new Prime Minister of Europe is .....

The voters of the Union will be asked to vote on the candidates that will represent their electoral district in the European Parliament, based on ballots that will indicate their national & EU party political affiliation (eg EPP, ALDE (or ELDR), PES, etc). Much like national parliament elections, the leader of the EU political party that will gather the most number of seats, will be asked by the EU President to try to form an EU government, possibly in coalition with other EU parties. He/she, the EU Prime Minister will choose his/her cabinet members that will run the EU's executive (the EU Ministries, formerly known as "the European Commission"). The national elected leaders (Pres or PMs) of the member states will gather in the EU Senate, the upper chamber, much like eg in Germany.

Who will EU President Swarchenegger, elected a few months before by an EU wide election, ask to form the first ever EU government? WIll it be the leader of the EPP, PES or ELDR (or ALDE)? Will the calendar read 2014 or 2019?

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