Thursday, June 17, 2010

Does the EU (Brussels and member states) have the guts to lead to a new model of Capitalism?

A lot of financial, economic & other myths are crumbling this year in spite of the effort of some to divert the attention to other issues etc (some have been crumbling in the last 2-3 years but IMO this year it's a "quake" with "systemic" thrust).

Does the EU (Brussels (EC, EP, Council etc) + member states) have the guts to stand up to global finance & re-negotiate the role of finance in EU economy, society and life in general?

In other words does the EU have the guts to cause of an overhaul of the current model of capitalism model into a new better model or not?


Because IMO any open minded capitalist can see that the current model of capitalism is very faulty if not defunct! And world public opinion agrees. The US does not seem willing to do so.

The EU (Brussels and member states), does it have the will - guts?

The stakes are high not only for EU and Europeans but the whole world.

Capitalism is still the best available system, but the current model is not working and if not overhauled, it runs IMO the risk of destroying Capitalism as a system that is acceptable to people in Europe and around the world.

Can the EU assume that leadership, for its own sake and the world's (and Capitalism's)?

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