Monday, June 14, 2010

18 thoughts (and 562 words) re EUrope's interest

The events in Europe, the US and the world prompted these thoughts of mine this (Monday) morning.

I was reading an interesting WSJ article this morning. The article and the data quoted in it show IMO how Asian (& US) manufacturing and other exporters were piggybacking on the "hard" Euro. Also begging IMO the question: Who was the so called engine of growth: a) Asian manufacturing (as claimed) or the EU consumers and/or the uber-hard Euro?

Which led me to the following sequence of thoughts:

1) If China's yuan-USD rate policy had an "X" impact on US imports, what can then be said of impact on Eurozone imports due to the ECB's hard Euro policy? X times 3, 5, 10, more?

2) Are the EU citizens' interests being served by EU's WTO membership especially but bot exclusively since China entry and strategy?

3) The ultimate way for the Euro to be promoted and for EUropeans to unite may be for the EU to leave the waning WTO system!
(Food for thought: Should the UK leave the EU or should the EU leave the WTO? lol)

4) Food fir thought: Should the EU consider leaving (even temporarily) the WTO in order to protect its interests (eg the Euro, its budgets, the Single Market, etc)?

5) How are the EU's micros, SMEs and "average" workers (and the European Social Model) being served by the EU's WTO membership?

6) Should the EU pull the plug of the current (and faulty) version of globalisation? And negotiate a new one with US, BRICs, ASEAN, etc?

7) Are these key strategic questions that the current "crisis" is diverting the EU and its members from considering? For whose benefit?

8) Which interests are promoting & capitalising on xenophobia in order to divide the EUropeans as well as alienate them from their fellow 6 billion humans?

9) What interests are promoting a) intra-national and b) inter-member-states squabbles in the EU in order to divert attention away from the EU's interests?

10) Who is afraid of the EU's Social Model, its 0,5 bn population, its socio-political values and their potential impact on the rest of the world?

Think those issues through! Do not get caught up in the plot as set out by certain interests!

11) Which interests are promoting narrow (tunnel vision) views on such issues as sovereignty, taxpayers interests, immigration & identity, etc?

12) Which interests are capitalising on national and other stereotypes to keep EUrope from union and to promote xenophobia?

13) Which interests are working hard to make EUrope again a place where progressive minds flee from rather than the whole world is drawn to?

14) Which interests are working hard to turn the European Dream of the last 50 yrs into a nightmare for EUropeans and other humans?

15) It is high time for a global campaign against a) rising xenophobia, b) anti-humanism & c) a "global apartheid" in the US, the EU, the world.

16) The sum of most national immigration policies in force around the world these days constitute in effect a "global apartheid".

17) Are we going to let fellow humans become the scapegoats for the problems we are facing in this era?

18) Elementary my dear Watson: Economic immigration should in principle be FREE at least between the countries that participate in the world trade WTO system

Thanks for reading (and thinking)!

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