Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wealth of a Salesman

Hang on the line
Another caller is trying
An alternate proposal
Events are sometimes causal

The seconds are ticking
The account is open
The budget is ambitious
The market so vicious

The clientele so capricious
Demand is low
Supply is high
Failure so close

Seize the moment
Timing is everything
Bills need paying
Promotions to be fought

The cost of sales
The sale of your hopes
The customer is king
Even in a democracy

That's meritocracy
Not in your idiosyncracy
Have your parachute ready
Times are so trendy

The seconds are ticking
The window is closing
The account is on the line
Your heart is ticking

The monster of greed is licking
The sports car
The condo
Yet you are alone and the clock is ticking

A beach far away
Children play
The cost to pay
For a high flight

The career way or the highway
The tolls are high
The price worth paying?
Hold on the line!

Written: August 2005

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