Friday, January 1, 2010

Carpe Diem

Today is another day!
Another day, a new day, the first one of the rest of our lives.

We enter in it carrying over with us obligations to fulfill, commitments we have made, hopes we have, dreams we have formed, mortgages and/or student loans to pay, rent payments to meet, electricity, water, heating and phone bills to cover, red tape and bureaucratic records of our past, a CV, an album of pains, joys, experiences of all kinds.

How wise or aware are we in this journey into the rest of our lives? Have our days, nights, months and years so far taught us anything? Are we any wiser than we were 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade ago?

Are we living our lives or are they "living" us?

Are we living our lives? What is a "life" (as in "get a life")?

What are we waiting for? The right cloud, the next train, the next subway train, the next promotion, the next vacation/holiday, the next X-mas , the next Spring, the next Summer?

Many of us subscribe to a Carpe Diem philosophy. But there seem to be so many versions of it, as many as the versions of the English language, for example!

Where do we plan to be 1 semester, 1 year from now? Do we have a plan, or even a clue?

To be continued (life goes on, until it does not).

Life is like a hotel room. Everyday someone checks out and someone else checks-in.

Where will you be 100, 1000, 10,000 years from now? You, not humankind, or the offsprings of your offsprings etc etc etc, you. Where were you in 1962, in 1968, in 1984, in 1992, on 31/12/1999, when the New Economy bubble was growing or when it burst, when the first subprime loans were being given or taken, when the last world trade agreement was made, when the last vote was cast? When man stepped on the Moon? When www made its entry into the world?

When Leonidas decided to stay behind with his 300 Spartans (and 1000 Thespians) to delay the invaders, when Alexander the Great decided to campaign East, after he died and the first globalisation occurred? When millions were dying in the trenches of WWI, from bullets or the Spanish flu, when Leonardo was painting or designing new war machines, when Mona Lisa first smiled?

When JFK was assassinated, when MLK said "I had a dream", when the Bolsheviks were seizing power in Russia (November 1917), when Miltiades and his Athenians won the battle in Marathon (November 490 BC)?

Where will you be on January 1, 2011? Where are you, today?

Do you know where you really are, today? Have a nice one! Seize it. Carpe diem or ... something!

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