Monday, November 16, 2009

The entrepreneurship vs regulation oxymoron within the context of global socio-econ trends and dynamics

What oxymoron?

Well, if you have been reading this blog or following my tweets in the last few weeks, you should know what I mean:

a) Free market capitalism seems to be losing popular support, all around the world, even in the US.

b) Much of public opinion around the world again is in favour of more regulation on business.

So, while micro firms and SMEs are suffocating in over-regulation and red tape, world public opinion is asking for more business regulation.

Analyse this!

As I have pointed in numerous posts and tweets in recent months, many people (be they men in the streets or policy makers or media etc) when they think "business" they continue to be "tied" to states of the past (large industry, esp. international), whereas, at least in the US, EU and orher OECD at least countries/economies, 70-80% of the economy is Services and the companies ("business") is mostly SME (small and medium) or even micro (0-9 employees).

Hence: they could be talking of different business, but that is IMO lost in .....

Plus I ask you to consider this:

1) IMO globalization will gain popular support only when most micro and small companies can feel the global market + its niches as "theirs"/ Plus, IMO the EU will gain popular support only when most of its micro + small companies can feel the EU Single Market as their market.

2) Many young people are opting to start a business rather than become "corporate material": An "Entrepreneur or corporate manager" dilemma? Yet, corporate bureaucracy may be bad these days but the red tape a #micro company faces is not cool either.

3) Real capitalism vs. pseudo (fake) capitalism? Which of the two is prevalent in your part of the world? Many people cannot tell the difference!

4) IMO we need either more or less of "Europe" + either more or less globalisation, current levels of both EU and globalization make no sense (and do not work for the micro and small firm and the "man in the street").

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