Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A key difference between the 20th and 21st centuries: From "How?" to "Why"

1) Fron "How?" to "Why?"

2) The Era of "Why?"

In the 20th century, the key question (in business, technology, decision making of all kinds) was "how".

In the 21st, I argue that the key question is "why".


Because the parameters of the system are changing. In many areas, full capacity conditions are being reached.

In reaching decisions of all kinds, businesses and other organisations, as well as people (individuals), are confronted with new parameters and constraints.

Opportunity costs (of doing one thing vs. another) are changing too.

Problems are becoming more complex, priorities are shifting.

Strategy and philosophy will become more important, as solutions become much more customised, reflecting the personal priorities of individuals or the individual priorities of each organisation.

More and more "one solution fits all" will be a less and less relevant ... solution.

Originally Written: 2003

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