Friday, January 1, 2010

The value and appreciation of intelligence

In an era when so many people do not actually think before they speak, write, etc, intelligent people who use their minds pass by as "covertly" as a fly in a glass of milk.

They only thing they can actually do is stay at home (!!!) and do nothing so that their intelligence does not "provoke", especially people who use emotional manipulation and the logic of the intelligent people gets in their way.

Are intelligent people arrogant? IMO it is even more accurate to say that many people dislike the "arrogance" of logic in its capacity (as a thinking tool) to expose prejudice, stereotyping, hatred, emotional manipulation, myths, etc.

But I am not sure that it is intelligence per se that is a key survival skill or asset in these global times.

IMO it is not the IQ or degrees that one has. Many such people are "intellectually lazy", ie they may have a great basic education or a high IQ or advanced degrees, but have lost the appetite for thinking.

Thinking is IMO a competitive advantage and survival skill in these times.

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