Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some comments on Obama's State of the Union Speech and his ability to "sell' his policies

Great speech but:

IMO Obama was right to partly blame himself for not explaining his healthcare reform to the people. But when will he do it? Can he (or anyone else, any policy)? IMO Obama is a victim of the fact that most policies, by design, are hard to explain. He's a great speaker but even he cannot sell them.

Obama should propose a national US referendum on healthcare reform and in general take his policies to the people, not Congress. But the problem, for any leader these days, again, IMO is: How can one "sell" or "explain" to the people complex and often over-complicated policies - bills such as the healthcare reform one?

PS. I agree with Obama's views on lobbying but how does he define "foreign" corporations? Plus: Are American corporations not lobbying "abroad"?

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