Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simplify, rationalise, economise?

Simplify, rationalise, economise is probably my main axiom on the topic of survival and prosperity in these global times (for companies, families, people, etc) .

A few other "axioms" I find relevant include:

1) Do not try to "protect" what you cannot "protect"
2) If you try to "protect" too much, then you wind up "protecting" nothing

A third one is:

3) Do not own what you cannot protect or can have no control over!

In these weird times, I personally think it is best to travel light, in light "armour". Simplicity, logic and rationalisation of problems which occur in daily life, taking "time outs" (as in basket ball), are useful to stay in some % of control over one's own life.

Of course 100% control over one's own life is not possible. But zero or near zero % situations are to be avoided either, I propose.

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