Thursday, January 7, 2010

EU Commissioners designate written answers No. 4 and 5 provide insight into EU policy work 2010-2014

All Commissioners designate received the same 5 questions by the European Parliament.

It is questions 4 and 5 (see below) and the replies to them, that offer a good outlook on the policy work of Barroso II in each area.

The questions 4 and 5 are (my highlights (bold)):

"4. What are the three main priorities you intend to pursue as part of your proposed portfolio, taking into account, where relevant, the financial, economic and social
crisis and concerns related to sustainable development?"

"5. What are the specific legislative and non-legislative initiatives you intend to put forward, and according to what timetable? What specific commitments can you make regarding in particular the committees' priorities and requests attached hereto which would fall within your portfolio? How would you personally ensure the good quality of legislative proposals?"

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