Saturday, January 2, 2010

Does wealth "buy" Freedom?

Is Freedom a privilege reserved for the wealthy?

IMO, it is the opposite.

Most wealthy are not free because what they own winds up owning them.

Freedom is neither free or expensive.

Freedom requires wisdom. Whether wisdom is free or not that is another issue. But Wisdom is not that correlated with wealth, IMO!

And freedom is not correlated with greed, especially for material goods.

Seek wisdom and enlightenment, and life is a journey, and the ticket is affordable for most.

Absolute freedom of a human from other humans does not exist in societies, even the most "libertarian" ones.

Only alone on a island, "free" from the interaction with other humans and their social rules and policies/laws, but not so free when it comes to "co-habitation" with wild animals and nature and its laws!

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