Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daring to ask!

It is said that Einstein was once asked the source of his abilities. It is also said that he replied that it was his tendency to ask/question "things" that usually only children "dare" ask/question!

Some peoples' strategy in life is to follow the traditional, the well paved, the flow route.

Others spend a lot of time questioning why things are the way they are and why they are not different. This "why" question is "constructively" motivated, not "destructively" (see "constructive" vs. "destructive" criticism).

Some markets, societies and systems are based on continuous quest for understanding the whys, on innovation, as a way of life and not out of necessity. It is those societies/markets and systems which become "clusters" for all like-minded people: Constructive Thinkers.

Are these societies, markets, systems "outperforming" the more "conservative" (go with the flow) 0nes? Depends on what criteria one employs to measure "performance".

Which country has the largest per capita number of "think tanks"?

Is the brain the new "engine" of growth, the evolution of the machines of the industrial revolution, is this era an era of the grey matter revolution and of intellectual products and "intellectual consumerism" (rather than "material consumerism")?

Are "intellectual" assets and capital more valuable today than financial and other types of assets and capitals? Are we moving towards an "Intellectual Capitalism" where people earn income out of "intellectual property rights" rather than lending money or buy stocks and bonds or rental income from real estate assets?

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