Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where are the EUropeans and the Single Market?

Where are the EUropeans who view the whole EU as their living, working, job searching, doing biz "area"? What real problems are they facing?

J. Delors et al created the European Dream of a real Single Market and European Union but where is the EUropean reality in 2009?

In the EU, real people + real (SME + micro) companies need a real economy and real policies to create real growth and real jobs, not virtual ones.

Instead of leading the #EU into a more meaningful. better working, less interventionist union that works for ppl and SMEs, the UK public opinion is dominated by forces that propose an antiquated version of sovereignty (instead of a modern version of it).

The EU Single market was officially kickstarted on 1/1/2003, almost 17 years ago (not to be confused with the Eurozone).

Can a Single Market (or even Common Market, as some people, especially in Britain, continue to call it, meaning its predecessor) for services and work be Real w/o common taxation for company and personal income? And how does that bode with "national sovereignty"? A catch 22? Or is the new exit-clause, provided by the new EU Treaty, the ultimate protector and guarantee of the "national sovereignty" of the EU's member countries? I think so.

So 17 years after the start of the EU Single Market, can anyone really claim that it "works" for the average EUropean worker or job seekers or SME or micro firm? Are, for example, SMEs and micros in the EU targeting and accessing EU Single Market niches? Why not? What are the real barriers? These are IMO crucial questions that anyone who wants the EU to "work" should be asking these days. IMHO.

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