Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Tories vs the EU", season X episode Y!

Post ratification of the EU Lisbon Treaty, a new chapter in the Tories vs EU soap opera is on.

Here are some points and observations re the events of the last 2-3 days:

1) Anti-EU Europeans and "Eurosceptics", in the UK and around the EU, should love instead of fear the new Lisbon Treaty, because of its Exit-Clause that allows and provides for the process by which a member state may leave, on its own will, the EU (such clause did not exist in the EC and EU before)!

2) Why would they not to? Only if one was to assume that they prefer the EU to turn back into a mere Common Market, and that they realise that if #UK leaves the EU, it will lose much in investment and many other ways.

3) The "strategy" of many political parties in the UK re the EU reminds me of an episode of the good old "Yes Minister" (or YPM) TV series: Stay in the EC to make sure it does not succeed! lol

Now re David Cameron's speech re the EU:

4) David Cameron, if the Tories win the spring general election, will propose a UK Sovereignty law. But that begs the question: How does one define the term in 2010? Will it include sovereign wealth funds, for example?

5) Philosophical: Sovereignty or "National Interest"? (compare and contrast)

6) Cameron: The Tories will amend the European Communities Act 1972 to prohibit, by law, the transfer of power to the EU without a referendum!

7) Cameron: At the general election, the Tories will challenge the other political parties to accept the "referendum lock" and pledge never to reverse it!

8) What steady and unaccountable intrusion of the EU into almost every aspect of British lives is David Cameron talking about? Does the UK not get effective representation of its interests and views via a Commissioner (usually with a key portfolio), so many MEPs as well Ministers with many votes in the Council of Ministers?

9) Cameron: ".. unlike many other EU countries (Ed. Note: that have a national Constitution), we have no explicit legal guarantee that the last word on our laws stays in Britain ..". Well, then maybe it is high time for the UK to establish its own Constitution and solve part of Cameron's et alteri sovereignty loss fears/concerns?

10) Can a UK "Sovereignty Law" replace the absence of a UK Constitution?

11) Cameron to negotiate the return of Britain’s opt-out from social and employment legislation (aka the Social Protocol" of Maastricht Treaty) that Tony Blair accepted during his PMship!

12) The Tories want a complete UK opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights!

13) The third area where a Tory government will negotiate for a return of powers is criminal justice

14) Key question: How does Mr. Cameron plan to "convince" the other 26 to give back those powers to the UK (Social, Justice, etc)?

15) Cameron: "European integration is not a one way street and that powers can be returned from the EU to its member countries.." Indeed, the best way: use the exit-clause provided by the Lisbon Treaty!

16) LibDems/Ed Davey: Cameron has already lead his party into the lunatic wilderness in Europe (Ed. Note: by leaving the EPP group in the E. Parliament) now he wants to take Britain there too!

17) The way Cameron is setting things up would seem to me that a vote for the Tories in the next election = vote for exit from the EU?

18) Philosophical: Real Sovereignty vs the perception of Sovereignty

and finally:

19) IMO the ability of a member to leave the EU (exit-clause) that the ne Treaty offers is the Ultimate Tool of Real Sovereignty of the UK and all 27 members!

PS. According to the Guardian, the French Europe minister, Pierre Lellouche, one of the most Anglophile members of Sarkozy's government according to the Guardian, says David Cameron's pledge to reclaim EU powers is 'pathetic' and will leave Britain isolated (and much more). OMG, the next episode is built up as most "dramatic".

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