Saturday, November 21, 2009

On the G8, G20, WTO and "world governance"

IMO either a) more or b) less globalization make sense, not the current level.

Real people and real (SME + micro) companies need a real economy, local, national, regional (eg EU, ASEAN, Mercosur, etc) and global (WTO area) and real policies to create real growth + real jobs, not virtual ones.

Who "elected" the G20 as a new world economic "government"? IMO neither the G8 or G20 have the political legitimacy to formulate world economic policy and make decisions - global democratic deficit.

Should the WTO instead of the G20 assume the role of the G8 in "world governance"?

There are many legit ways to achieve a democratic governance system that will include most of the world (Earth), but the ones being put forward are not them.

Maybe the EU or the US are models for a World Union or a United States of the World. Other, more complicated models exist too, IMO. But any legit model can to entail the participation of the people (democracy) concerned.

8 or 20 or 50 countries cannot formulate policies or make decisions that affect the rest of the countries and their people (members of UN or at least the WTO).

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