Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EU: Some stats re the 27 candidate European Commissioners

Political affiliation:
(the political affiliation is mostly a result of the nominating government parties or coalitions thereof).

13 (including Pres. Barroso) are of Christian Democratic - European Peoples' Party - right of center political affiliation.

8 are of ELDR - liberal democratic - centrist political affiliation.

6 are of Socialist - PES political affiliation.

Gender Balance:

Of the 8 ELDR affiliated candidate Commissioners, 4 ie 50% are women! 3 of 13 EPP (23%) and 2 of 6 PES (33%)


Of the 27, 14 are continuing from the 2004-2009 Commission. Plus 1, the French M. Barnier was Commissioner in the 1999-2004 Commission (under R. Prodi).

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