Thursday, November 12, 2009

EU and Eurozone industrial production in September

According to Eurostat

Industrial production in September 2009

Compared with August 2009, seasonally adjusted industrial production grew by 0.3% in the Eurozone and by 0.2% in the EU. In August production had increased by 1.2% and 0.8% respectively.

Compared with September 2008, industrial production was 12.9% lower in the Eurozone area and 12.1% lower in the EU27 .

A) In September 2009 compared with August 2009:

Production of capital goods increased by 1.7% in the Eurozone and by 0.4% in the EU. Non-durable consumer goods grew by 1.1% and 0.6% respectively.
Intermediate goods rose by 0.6% in the Eurozone and by 0.1% in the EU.
Production of energy fell by 2.1% and 1.4% respectively.
Durable consumer goods declined by 6.0% in the Eurozone and by 4.8% in the EU27 .

Among the 19 member states for which data are available, industrial production rose in seven, fell in eleven and remained stable in the Netherlands .

The highest increases were registered in
Ireland (+11.2%), Germany (+3.0%) and Sweden (+1.6%)
The largest decreases in
Italy (-5.3%), Portugal (-3.3%) and Bulgaria (-2.6%).

B) In September 2009 compared with September 2008:

Production of non-durable consumer goods fell by 0.4% in the Eurozone and by 0.5% in the EU.
Production of energy decreased by 7.8% and 8.4% respectively.
Intermediate goods declined by 16.0% in the Eurozone and by 15.5% in the EU .
Durable consumer goods dropped by 17.3% and 15.1% respectively.
Capital goods fell by 18.2% in the Eurozone and by 17.4% in the EU.

Industrial production fell in all Member States for which data are available!
The largest decreases were registered in:
Estonia (-29.5%), Finland (-23.2%) and Bulgaria (-19.3%)
The smallest in
Ireland (-0.7%), Poland (-1.3%), and Romania (-3.6%).


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