Friday, October 16, 2009

Towards Real Globalisation: Introduction

I have been "studying" and thinking on globalisation, almost daily (part time of course), for at least 7 years now.

I will be presenting two alternative models for real globalisation in the coming weeks.

Of course many other alternative models could exist, but I will be describing two.

Of course, the "fortress" model is also a possibility, but in the other direction.

A basis for my thinking is that the current level and model of globalisation makes at best little if not zero, sense.

A few introductory thoughts:

1) IMO if one wants real globalisation, then a political dimension to it is a must, globalisation only in the economic dimension is IMO not inly unfair but non-viabel as well (un-stable).

2) I challenge the theory that a world government (with its proper institutions, ie World Parliament, etc) would serve the needs of mega corporations and mega capital, on the contrary IMO it's needed for the small firm and the "average man".

IME, multinationals have the skills and size to overcome the legal labyrinth of doing business in many countries, it is small companies that do not! For that reason harmonisation of laws is needed for small business - companies to be able to participate in globalisation and for the ave man to live "globally".

Real globalization and global trade will IMO exist only when small companies can serve (aka access) so called niche global markets.

In the absence of those "conditions", globalization - globalization is a myth or worse, a (bad) joke!

How could these conditions be created or fostered? Well, that is the objective of the 2 models I am formulating, in line as my task as an analyst-thinker (and "philosopher").

After that, I may also design an "anti-globalisation" (a la anti-matter) model, the "Fortress Model".

For some other introductory thoughts on "more or less globalisation", which I taped months ago, pls listen to the audio content on the cover page of my blog:

The case for LESS globalisation: (10 mins, audio only)

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