Monday, October 19, 2009

some thoughts on HR, healthcare, entrepreneuship and the value of human capital

Here are some thoughts based on recent events in the US and Europe/EU:

Firstly, IMO the US needs a public NHS type universal health service as badly as Europe needs entrepreneurship!

Now, related to healthcare:
IMO the private sector can do most things better than the public sector, BUT healthcare + health insurance among them!

How can one make private sector offered health insurance mandatory? Defies policy and social logic IMO!!

Based on the evolution of BHO's health reform, the question is inevitable: Would Hillary as President have been more effective in real healthcare reform? IMO her proposals were fuller!

On HR and the real value corporations attach to human capital:

IMO it's high time employers in the US + Europe abandon the carrot + the stick approach in employee motivation, it's so 1900s (or even, 1800s)!

IMO they got it right in sports, when the team is doing badly it's the manager that goes, not the players, in business, it's usually the opposite

Pre-economic crisis, there was loads of corporate lipservice - rhetoric on Human Resources Management and the value of Human Capital, then came the crisis and .....

And lastly:

Why is there so much work related stress in recent years France?

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