Friday, October 30, 2009

Some (radical centrist) thoughts on Climate Change and the upcoming Copenhagen Conference

Greenpeace has today accused the EU leaders meeting at the 2 day European Council whay while they back global climate funding for developing countries, they fail to put their money where their mouths are.

The EU leaders agreed that developing nations would need 100 billion euro (150 billion US dollars) worth of help annually by 2020 to cope with climate change and to deal with the consequences of global warming. But they did not agree how much of that money the EU would contribute as well as how the burden would be divided among the 27 member states.

It was argued, by some, that the EU might want to keep those things as "closed cards" for the negotiating tables in Copenhagen.

My first thought was:

Is the essence of solutions to climate change lost in details and negotiation strategies and mandates?

A few minutes before I read the Greenpeace press communique, I was "discussing" via text with a friend on whether GDP is the best measure of progress or wealth.

IMO the whole socio-economic framework of the industrial era has to be re-thought - new era, new fundamentals, new indicators.

Economics and economic indicators have much to do with reality today? Virtual economics in a virtual world? I know, I know, I could be exaggerating, but what if I am not? And the climate change challenge is facing us all, starring in our eyes.

So on GDP vs happiness : I am reminded of the popular aphorism that money does not buy happiness but makes misery more bearable. But are there better ways to do this eg Thinking? See below.

Now, in addressing climate change:

Should the philosophy of progress via industrialisation be challenged and urgently replaced by other philosophies - models?

IMO the solutions are:
1) to make it uber fashionable in developed countries for ppl to lead low carbon footprint lives
2) to convince the developing countries that industrial and other #CO2 "rich" growth is not real growth - progress

Next generations will fry or freeze cause our era lacked the #philosophers needed to show world opinion there's a better way of life

Make Love not CO2 !!

If we do not make radical changes in our way of life, our grandsons will be visiting St. Tropez in ... Sweden !!!

The Hardball - Emergency Option:

Should WTO free trade be put on table of climate talks? In other words, should "free trade" be frozen until climate agreement reached that will save the planet? Because in a Sahara or Ice Age like planet, what kind of free or international trade will there exist, anyway?


A major trend shift towards consumption of intellectual rather than industrial + other tangible products can help save our planet


After all, thinking is a zero carbon footprint activity that can lead to satisfaction and happiness, a cool workout for one's mind's muscles everyday!

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