Thursday, October 29, 2009

Globalisation then and now

Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore etc and China did not invent or start globalisation, but they have mastered the "game"

Where were the intellectual + academic "hubs" or "clusters" that promoted the ideology of globalization? Paris? No! In the US and the UK.

The same intellectual "hubs" (US, UK) that promoted globalisation are recently promoting "other" models.

Especially now that finance based economic power of the US and UK (NYC and London) has declined due to the crisis?

The game rules are being changed or revoked, led by forces in the US and the UK, 2 economies that have not had a positive trade balance in ages

Fair trade, green tech, emissions trade schemes:
Are they tools 4 curbing the #export power of some of the current export leaders
Are they tools for the ex-champions to regain competitive advantage in world economy?

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