Monday, October 26, 2009

For real growth and real jobs (in the UK and EUrope)

IMO business entrepreneurship in the UK + rest of EU needs to spend less time dealing with red tape and more in new ideas and Marketing

Ask yourself:

How many people in the UK and EU have ideas and dreams related to new products and services?

How many people in the UK and the EU try to detect new needs and wants of a niche of the 0.5 bn EUropean consumers?

Consider this:

The EU has 0.5 bn people: consumers, workers, job seekers, entrepreneurs stuck in an incomplete (theoretical) EU Single Market

How many small and micro firms in the EU think of the EUropean Single #Market as "their" market (instead of the local - national one)?

How many EUropeans grow up in one EU member state, go to uni in another and get a job or start a business in a third?

What is the way to a real EU, a real EU Single Market and real growth and real jobs?

Who is really afraid of an EU Single Market for Services?

IMO, in a Services era - economy, micro firms need market access and vital space (ie min red tape) more than they need capital.


Consider the key role of competition law in the EU Single Market in opening up the EUropean market for micro and small firms

Empower the 0.5 bn EUropeans to turn their hobby into a job without red tape killing their joy and you get real growth + real jobs

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