Monday, September 24, 2012

Is capitalism inherently faulty? Lessons from the Euro crisis

Is capitalism in a marketing crisis? Is the product inherently faulty? Read Max Weber, I propose.

Is capitalism in a marketing crisis? Yes. IMO the so called Euro crisis shows that Capitalism is not only not absorbed by the rest of the world, but also a major part of the West - Europe.

Is the product inherently faulty? Weather Capitalism, as a model or (intellectual) "product", is, inherently or not, faulty is a complex discussion. But in any case, it seems to warrant a major rethink, especially re "credit capitalism". Capitalism in its present form neither works nor is it popular in most of the world. Not that communism is a solution, of course. Communism has failed, bigger than capitalism, in spite its revenge (China).

Read Max Weber, I propose. 100 years ago, he identified the roots or DNA of Capitalism, thus shedding light into its root philosophy. And think of the 2010s Euro crisis.

Is YOUR capitalism working? Is American capitalism working? The German? The British? The French? The Japanese? The Greek? The Spanish? The Italian? The Dutch?

German capitalism may or not be working in/for Germany but it is certainly destroying the Eurozone and potentially the EU. That is one of the lessons from the Euro crisis, for those of course who are looking for real lessons from the Euro crisis instead of stereotypes, opportunities for mud throwing or scapegoating the Greeks.

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