Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To provide real leadership in the EU and EZ, Germany should ...

To provide real leadership in the EU and EZ, Germany must among other things:

1) Stop using, explicitly or implicitly, the "paymaster" argument. Why? See my post "The EU will not be a democracy until .."

2) It must adopt English (the world's lingua franca) as a second official language (see why in (3) and (4))

3) Become a European and to some extent global hub for ideas and debate thereof (take share away from UK & US). A hub where Germans and other Europeans and thinkers of all kinds (economic, political, sociologists, et al) can debate new ideas and challenge existing ones.

4) For that to happen, the German government must cease depending on ancient ideas and use the product, new ideas, of the European and global hub in Germany. In a way, it can learn from the Hellenistic Times, where the area formulated by Alexander the Great was a melting pot of ideas and traditions, not only from Ancient Greece but also from Egypt, Persia and other parts of the area. That is why they are called Hellenistic Times, they were a blend of Greek and the other ideas and traditions (see also my post "Globalisation, today and in 300 BC: Hellenism, Globalism and "Americanism"", April 20, 2008).  In other words, some sort of "Germanistic Times" can become a periods of progress in European unification, as long as the rigid ideas of Merkel and her advisers as well as ordoliberalism etc are set aside in return for what the "hub" produces.

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