Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Highway to Success

I wrote this poem in 2005 but IMO it is even more relevant now.:

The Highway to success

Come on, confess,
More and more, for less
Move on, "migrate"
Further and further, closer

Come on, express
Faster and faster, just-in-time
Move on, diversify
Wider and wider, in shallow waters

Come here, invest
More and more, no rest
Move over, the horses are coming
Better and better, learn to play the game

The only game in town
No other city is to be found
Here in the golden dessert
Under the sun

One house, one neighbourhood,
one city, one county, one country
New members, newcomers
Old members, experienced

Greenhorns with experience
Wise men with youth
Horsemen and blacksmiths
Venturers and investors

Dreams, hopes, expectations, visions
Risks, threats, challenges, fears
Strategies, tactics, plans, instincts
Victories, draws and losses

Come on, protest,
More and more, for less
Slow down, philosophise
Let the children play their games

Come on, trade
High return for low risk
Move on, transport
Metaphors and solutions

Come here, Go away
Decide, now, not later
Don't stay still, move over, the horses are coming
Learn to play their game your way

Or take the highway

Watch/listen to my song based on the above poem:

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