Monday, May 24, 2010

On Europe's "Democratic Deficit"

One of the requirements of Democracy (see Ancient Athens) is that Citizens are well informed re civic/public affairs!

Civic/public affairs include political, economic, financial, commercial, social, environmental and many others, at local, national, regional and global level (not just local and national).

It is thus, IMO, high time that media, politicians, intellectuals, et al, in the 27 member states start informing the citizens of these 27 states of the real benefits of a Europe united Politically, Economically, Fiscally even in Military/Defense. A full Union and its necessity for the interest of all, given inter alia the world systemics, and the benefits of such union, especially for the so called "average" person and the micro and small firms.

And then let them decide. But they have to hear the full story first, and be offered an understand of sometimes "technical" matters (economic, financial, social, etc).

Arguing for the people to vote, after many years of anti-EU or EU-scapegoating (or scapegoating immigrants, other European countries, etc) brainwashing by many media, politicians and others, would not in essence satisfy the requirements of Democracy, at least in the Ancient Athenian way. IMHO of course.

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