Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get a Tory-Lab grand alliance try to govern (a la Germany 2005-2009)!

Maybe a Tory-Lab gov is the "best" solution. As well as a Tory minority gov. Why a Tory-Lab government (like the grand coalition in Germany 2005-09)? Because in such an unlikely alliance both parties would have similar weights. And since Lib+Lab = 315 < 323 and Lab and SNP have incompatible views, then let Tories + Lab (564 seats) try to govern!! IMO the Tory and LibDem manifestos (aka policies) are non-compatible, including of course the issue of "Europe" (aka #EU). Bottom line, the way things are shaping, if I was Nick I would ally with neither Tories or Lab & tell them to go and try to form (and maintain) a grand coalition!

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