Sunday, September 30, 2012

A legacy of Bill Clinton?

Watched the Clinton documentary on  BBC 2 tonight.  I am always amazed how Gore managed to blow the 2000 election and gave the world Dubya!

The GOP fiercely tried and failed to bring Clinton down. But it did have effect on US and world events later.

The GOP really hated Bill Clinton. With good reason. He had the highest rating of any other outgoing President.

The GOP did not manage to bring Clinton down but to affect some of his decisions as President that later had effect on US and world.

In spite of all his scandals, Bill Clinton was so popular when his presidency ended. All Gore had to do was ride the wave, the way Bush Sr had done. But no, he had to distance himself from Clinton due to Monicagate. And got off the wave. And Dubya won.

Many in the GOP failed to grasp that Clinton had and still has charisma few politicians did/do.

Obama in 2012, Hillary in 2016 and 2020. That is in a way a legacy of Bill Clinton
Had Gore not messed up in 2000 (and in 2004), it could mean 32 years of Democrats in the White House (Bill, Gore, Obama, Hillary).

But I am less of a fan of the GOP, especially in the period after the Bush Sr. Presidency to date
I am not particularly a fan of Bill Clinton, but this is my analysis!

The GOP has the potential to do good, but it has to turn towards the center, instead of the right (tea, libertarians, austerians etc).

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