Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What would the world today be like if ...

(food for thought)

1) The Ancient Greek cities had united politically into a one country in the 5th century BC, or if Athens not Sparta had won the Peloponnesian War.
2) Alexander the Great had not died but had lived 20 more years and deepened his multi-culti Empire.
3) Carthage had beaten the Romans
4) Julius Caesar had lost the battle of Alesia
5) Constantine had not moved the Roman Empire's capital from Rome to Byzantium.
6) Columbus had landed on the (then) USA
7) The siege of Vienna or the battle of Vienna has had a different outcome
8) The English Puritans and Separatists had not sailed to America in 1620
9) The winter of 1788-1789 in France had been milder
10) Napoleon had not been sent to military school in Paris
11) Adolph Hitler had become a successful professional painter
12) Winston Churchill had not lot the 1945 elections and thus had a stringer position in the Potsdam conference
13) The French Assembly vote had not rejected the creation of the European Defense Community in 1954

and/or more

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