Thursday, April 12, 2012

Never mind Social Media and Finance. The value of Strategy and Philosophy in 2012.

Philosophy talks about enlightenment and wisdom.

Strategy talks, in effect, on awareness of the external (environment) and the internal (to the company).

Know thyself and understand the word. Then you are in sync with the universe and at peace.

In the era of social media (monetization, SEO, likes, friending, etc) and finance (CDSs, etc), it is the real economy that still the real economy. Of course the real economy pf 2012 cannot rely on construction (see problems with real estate bubbles in the US, Ireland, Spain) or traditional manufacturing.

But, my point, in this note is, that Strategy and Philosophy, albeit not buzz words of the times, are crucial tools in surviving and prospering in these times, or at least, being "happy" or content (for persons and for organisations, including corporations).

PS. The above does not mean that Finance and Social Media are or should be unimportant. Simply puts them in the right perspective and speaks out on the value of Strategy and of Philosophy in biz, politics and life in general,

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