Saturday, April 21, 2012

Like in the movies

The latest piece of biz news from Hollywood, Disney film boss Rich Ross resigns after John Carter flop, reminds me of a report I must have read or heard, I think it was BBC Worldservice, some 10 years ago but has resided in my mind ever since.

Only one out of 10 films a Hollywood studio produces makes it bog.

Maybe 3-4 others make a profiit

The rest lose money, one of them a lot.

The 1 out of ten though makes or has to make enough money to also cover for all the losing ones!

I like the movie business, when a kid I wanted to study film at UCLA and go to Hollywood. Was not meant to be, because I considered the odds of success vs the cost of college to my parents, Anyway

It's about risk and return, both expected (risk and return) and real, the ex past facto.

That type of risk the average .man, woman or household does not fancy taking. Wants an as stable as possible life,, an environment to have and bring up kids.

Some, the "knights" are willing to live lives of more risk. For the expectation of extra return or some, for the thrills. Some because of the nature of many times of business, venturing or even trying. But those who take the risks should be the ones who incur the costs when the project turns sour, not the average people.

Knights in suits. Once upon a time, wearing a suit meant something. Especially a dark grey one. For years now that is not the case. That is why I have not worn one in years.

My point is: Should more (employees, managers, stakeholders, media, et al) realise that doing business in many sectors nowadays is like in the movies (ie they are like film studios)?

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  1. I like the comperison. However I think they live in their own world, this might be the world of the Hollywood studios, LA etc. and probably have no idea what is running outside...


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