Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cameron's International Relations tactics: How to lose friends and ....

Reading in the press this morning about Cameron's newest IR attempt, see eg BBC News - Cameron calls for northern European alliance, the first thought that came to my mind was:
The good old divide & rule trick?

Here are some more thoughts on it:

Cameron's IR (international relations) tactics seem to fit a title like the "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" one (see the well known book and film).

Is it any wonder that Obama made that very positive comment re US-France friendship, that the US-UK special relationship is in crisis (see eg "No Stronger Friend...than France" in American Thinker, 1.19.2011)

By taking the Tories out of the EPP, Cameron has contributed to the UK's problematic International Relations driven by the Euroscepticism that has been so dominant in the UK for so many years that the rest of Europe and the world could not help but "notice", especially after th return of the Tories in power.

Botton Line: Tory Euroscepticism has lost the UK friends in EUrope and alienated its traditional allies in the world.

Hence Cameron's (desperate?) attempt now for a northern European alliance

Like some of Ricky's jokes last Sunday in Hollywood, the Tories/Euroscepticism/Cameron have gone too far! The difference: Ricky is a comedian.

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